Chapter 1 – Welcome on Board
Chapter 2 – Board Architecture and Technology
Chapter 3 – Installation and Configuration
Chapter 4 – Licenses
Chapter 5 – User Accounts and Security
Chapter 6 – Database Design and Management
    Before you start
    Accessing database design functions
    Database design functions summary
    Creating a new Database
    Making a backup copy of a database
    Changing the name of a database
    Time range
    Data Reader
       Data Reader basic concepts
       Valid date formats
       Append and Replace options
       Data loading guidelines
       Creating a text file Data Reader protocol
       Loading data from multi-column text files
       Native BOARD ODBC drivers
       Creating an OLE DB or ODBC Data Reader protocol
       Defining an OLE DB connection
       Editing and testing the SQL statement
       SQL DataReader options
       Creating an OData or REST Datareader Protocol
       Defining an ETL transformation and validation rule
       Copying a Data Reader protocol
       Deleting a Data Reader protocol
       Running a Data Reader protocol
       Optimization tips
    Database Utilities
Chapter 7 – Capsules
Chapter 8 – Process Modelling
Chapter 9 - Self Service BI
Chapter 10 - Board Office Add-ins
Chapter 11 - Board Web HTML5 Server
Chapter 12 - Board Mobile
Chapter 13 - Predictive Analytics (B.E.A.M.)
Release Notes