Native BOARD ODBC drivers

Native Board ODBC drivers deliver the best performance and scalability for connecting BOARD to many RDBMS through ODBC protocol.

Unlike other drivers, Board Drivers connects directly to your preferred data sources,  without any additional need of RDBMS Client Engine installation.

This results in better response time, reduced maintenance and faster configuration, testing and deployment.


All drivers are available for 64-bit platform and are installed during Board Server setup. You can recognize them from the Driver Name which is always preceded by "Board".





The following Board ODBC drivers are available :




Big Data






All "Wire Protocol" versions of the drivers don't require client libraries reducing complexity during installation and maintenance.

Warning : Big Data ODBC Drivers and Salesforce ODBC Driver are subject to an additional licensing

For All the Drivers a Quick Start Guide and an Advanced Tuning Guide is online available.


Once the ODBC Connection has been configured please refer to Defining an OLE DB connection Section How to incorporate it in the Board Database Connection and Data Readers.