Defining an OLE DB or an ODBC connection

ODBC and OLE DB connections are connections to external data sources used in DataReader protocols, and relational InfoCubes protocols.


The connections drop-down list of the protocols configuration transaction shows the ODBC and OLE DB connections used in Board.



Creating an OLE DB connection

To create a new connection, click on new connections icon,






Note that the list of OLE DB providers listed will vary depending on your computer's settings.

Creating a new ODBC Data Source

To create a new ODBC connection click Windows Start menu, then select Control Panel, Administrative tools and finally select the icon Data Sources (ODBC).

The ODBC Data Source Administrator window opens.



Click the Add button and follow the instruction for configuring other required parameters.

After you have created a new ODBC connection, you must close and restart Board in order to view the newly created ODBC connection in the RDB drop-down list.