Chapter 1 – Welcome on Board
Chapter 2 – Board Architecture and Technology
Chapter 3 – Installation and Configuration
Chapter 4 – Licenses
Chapter 5 – User Accounts and Security
Chapter 6 – Database Design and Management
    Before you start
    Accessing database design functions
    Database design functions summary
    Creating a new Database
    Making a backup copy of a database
    Changing the name of a database
    Time range
       InfoCubes basic concepts
       Introducing sparse structures
       Sparse actual size and density
       Versions and Sparse Structures
       About InfoCubes, Hybrid and In Memory
       Numeric data types
       MXC data type
       Text data types
       Date data type
       Blob InfoCubes
       Creating an InfoCube
       Creating cube groups
       Copying an InfoCube structure
       Creating a new InfoCube with the same structure as an existing one
       Moving an InfoCube
       Adding a new version to an InfoCube
       Verifying and Aligning InfoCube versions
       Clearing an InfoCube
       Deleting an InfoCube
       Creating a Rolap Cube
    Data Reader
    Database Utilities
Chapter 7 – Capsules
Chapter 8 – Process Modelling
Chapter 9 - Self Service BI
Chapter 10 - Board Office Add-ins
Chapter 11 - Board Web HTML5 Server
Chapter 12 - Board Mobile
Chapter 13 - Predictive Analytics (B.E.A.M.)
Release Notes