Creating a text file Data Reader protocol

This type of DataReader protocol imports data from text files of type fixed width fields or CSV (character separated value) of ANSI or Unicode type.

To create a text file DataReader protocol, go to the ASCII tab of Data Reader window, click the action icon and select New Protocol.



The following protocol configuration window opens




You may scroll the previewed record by clicking the previous/next icons




The Data Reader cannot read text files exceeding 2GB in size. This limit only applies to text files not tables from a database.

CSV Data Reader

With Board version 7.3, it is possible to read files of type comma-separated values.


To use this option, tick the CSV File check box located in the ASCII Data Reader protocol window as shown



When the CSV File option is enabled, the protocol configuration window slightly changes. A Drop down window allows to select the delimiter character of the source file. The default character is the semi-colon.

If the source file contains column headers in the first row, tick the option "First row contains headers".

To map the fields of the source file to the entities and InfoCubes, select the desired field from the drop-down list located in the "Position" column.


The following picture shows the configuration window for a CSV Data Reader.