Chapter 1 – Welcome on Board
Chapter 2 – Board Architecture and Technology
Chapter 3 – Installation and Configuration
Chapter 4 – Licenses
Chapter 5 – User Accounts and Security
Chapter 6 – Database Design and Management
    Before you start
    Accessing database design functions
    Database design functions summary
    Creating a new Database
    Making a backup copy of a database
    Changing the name of a database
    Time range
       Relationships basic concepts
       Defining a relationship
       Removing a relationship
       Assigning a relationship
       Viewing relationship in analytical mode
       Viewing relationship in summarized mode
       Identifying missing relationships (orphan items)
       Assigning a relationship to all orphan items
       The Normalize function
       Fixing Relationship
    Data Reader
    Database Utilities
Chapter 7 – Capsules
Chapter 8 – Process Modelling
Chapter 9 - Self Service BI
Chapter 10 - Board Office Add-ins
Chapter 11 - Board Web HTML5 Server
Chapter 12 - Board Mobile
Chapter 13 - Predictive Analytics (B.E.A.M.)
Release Notes