Changing the name of a database

All database data is stored into a single directory, the database directory, which has the  name of the database and extension HMBP. Databases (usually) are located under the Main database folder which (usually) is \Board\Database. For example, the Gamma database, is stored to c:\Board\Database\Gamma.hbmp.

To change the name of a database, rename the database directory. For example, to rename the database Gamma into Acme , simply rename the directory c:\Board\Database\Gamma.hbmp into c:\Board\Database\Acme.hbmp .


Important note:

By changing the name of the database, any existing Capsule linked to that database loses its links and will no longer function, however you may open the Capsule and redefine the link to the renamed database, refer to Changing the database link for all screens of a Capsule for details.