MXC data type

Multidimensional eXtracompressed Counter (MXC) is a numeric data type particularly optimized to implement a Boolean counter.

This type of counter answers particular business questions such as a coverage analysis. For example to answer questions such as, ”r;What is the number of distinct customers having ordered at least one product out of a selected list?”.

At the cell level, values can only be either 1 or 0. The value 1 indicates that there is a valid combination; in the example, it means that a customer has ordered a product.

Aggregated views are produced by adding numbers for the entity to be counted (in the example, Customer) and by applying the logical OR operator on all other dimensions and aggregations. The use of the OR operator guarantees that customers who meet the criteria more than once (for example, a customer that has ordered two products in the selection), are nevertheless counted only once.

Note that due to its particular nature, MXC InfoCubes have some peculiarities: