Text data types

Text InfoCubes can be used to store text information that is not a relevant axis for analysis. For example, an Address InfoCube structured by Customer can be used to store customer’s addresses. A Product label InfoCube structured by Product and Country can be used to store the product’s labeling which may vary depending on the country’s language. A Comment InfoCube structured by Profit and Loss and month can be used to write comments for each month closure next to the profit and loss line.

It is not possible to aggregate text type InfoCubes.


The Text data type of cubes, is dynamic and unlimited, although it is recommended to limit the text of a single cell to a reasonable size: one to two thousand characters at most, in order to be able to display the text correctly and entirely in a single cell of a Dataview.

Given the dynamic nature of text cubes,

- if you use ASCII DataReaders to populate text cubes, it is recommended to change the DataReader format from fixed width to CSV format.

- if you have any procedures that extract text cubes to file, it is recommended, to change the extraction file format from fixed width to tab-delimited file (CSV format).


Note that when a text cube is extracted, the carriage-return (new line) and tabulator characters are omitted therefore if a user inputs a multi-line comment in a text cube, when the cube is extracted the text is converted to a single line text.