Date data type

Date type InfoCubes can be used for service level analysis. Board supports calculation between dates: the difference between two date InfoCubes returns the number of days between the two dates. Adding an integer (a production lead time for example) to a date (an order date for example) returns the delivery date .

It is not possible to aggregate date type InfoCubes, however if you create an aggregated view on a date InfoCube using the Dataview object, the highest and lowest dates are returned. For example, suppose we have a date InfoCube called DueDate, structured by an entity named Project and aonther entity called Department which is a parent of  Project. A report on DueDate by Department returns the smallest and highest dates found for projects related to the department.

Note that the date value is physically stored in a numerical format (it is an integer value where 1 represents 01/01/1900), when viewed by a user, the date is displayed, following the Windows regional setting Short date style. To set your Short date style, from Windows Start menu, click Settings, then Control Panel then click the Regional Settings button and finally go to the Date tab.