The Normalize function

The normalize function allows assigning indirect relationships using the direct relationships as a bridge. For example, let’s consider the hierarchy CustomeràCityàState. After having assigned the direct relationships CustomeràCity and CityàState, the normalize function automatically assigns the indirect relationship CustomeràState.

Click the Normalize icon to access the function configuration window,


Each row indicates an indirect relationship showing the less aggregate, the more aggregate and the middle entities (in the Through column).

To run a normalization, click the Go icon of the desired relationship.

To run normalization on multiple indirect relationships, select the Do tick-box then press the Go button at the bottom of the window.

To save the selected normalization options for re-running at a later time or for launching the normalization from a procedure, click the Save button.


Note that for an indirect relationship of three-levels (or more) you must select the middle entity by clicking the Through cell. For example, considering a four levels hierarchy CustomeràCityàStateàCountry, the indirect relationship CustomeràCountry can be normalized through CityàCountry or through StateàCountry.



The normalize function can be launched from a procedure using the Normalize option of the DataRead action.