Board 2021 Summer release - What's new

This update introduces new Collaboration features, new options for popular Screen Objects, significant global enhancements and dramatic performance improvements.


Main new features of this update

Collaboration services: new collaboration features allow users to publish content within Board, leave contextual comments about Screens and Capsules, and create chat sessions between members of the same user group. Learn more about Board's Collaboration services and how to configure and manage them in the Subscription Hub.


New Geo map Object: a new map Object based on Google Maps services is available for advanced data visualization. Administrators can customize the new Map Objects to allow user interaction with the map. Users can zoom in/out, activate fullscreen mode, choose map type or enable Street View.


Improved Data View and Chart Objects: multiple enhancements have been added to these popular Screen Objects in terms of formatting, data handling, and performance. For example, in the Data View now you can freeze panes to lock rows, columns or cell series, customize cells and headers formatting, hide total rows and more. New properties for Charts allow to better manage the format of individual chart elements, such as the plot area, axes labels, axes titles and data series.


Subscription Hub improvements: new user management features and various enhancements have been added, such as the possibility to export all users in bulk and sync users metadata with Entities in Board Data models. These improvements are available for Board Cloud customers only.