Google Maps Object

Board 2021 Summer release introduces a new Geo map Object based on Google Maps: it allows to visualize data from Board and interact with it using the popular Google web mapping platform.

The new Geo map works just like Board's former map Object: developers can customize the Object's properties in the layout configuration, such as Map Areas and Bubbles' conditional formatting, or upload a GeoJSON file to define Map Areas at different zoom levels.

Developers can also define how users will be able to interact with the new map. To do so, select the map Object in the Screen design area to reveal the contextual right panel.
The following new options are available:

  • Use current culture. Applies your current culture to the map. All users will see the map with those settings applied
  • Under the "USER CONTROLS" menu:
    • Zoom. Enables the Zoom control for changing the zoom level of the map. As you zoom out, markers of close proximity will consolidate into clusters, thus simplifying the display of markers on the map
    • Street View. Enables the Street View control for showing a Pegman icon which can be dragged onto the map to enable Street View
    • Fullscreen. Enables the Fullscreen control that offers the option to open the map in fullscreen mode
    • Map type. Enables the Map Type control, allowing the user to choose a map type (ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, or TERRAIN)



This new Object requires a valid Google Maps API key (a unique alphanumeric string) that can be obtained following the official Google guidelines.

Once the API Key is created, Board Cloud customers will need to paste it in the "General settings" section of the Subscription Hub.


For on-premises installations, customers will need to paste their API key in the System Administration section of Board by clicking on the "General settings" tile.


The former Geo map Object is still available and it's now called OpenStreetMap.

The new Google Maps Object and the OpenStreetMap Object can be found under the new "Geo Maps" folder, from the Toolbox list in the left panel of the Screen design area.

Read the official documentation about the new Google Maps object.