Chapter 1 – Welcome on Board
Chapter 2 – Board Architecture and Technology
Chapter 3 – Installation and Configuration
Chapter 4 – Licenses
Chapter 5 – User Accounts and Security
Chapter 6 – Database Design and Management
Chapter 7 – Capsules
    Capsule basic concepts
    Working with Capsules
    The Select
    Capsules Design
       Capsule design concepts and guidelines
       Creating a new Capsule
       Capsule Properties
       Changing the database link for all screens of a Capsule
       Capsule Print Template
       Capsule Translation
       Capsule Screen Copy
          About screens
          Screen properties
          Screen mask
          Creating a screen
          Saving a screen
          Deleting a screen
          Designing screens
       Toolbox Objects
       Substitution formulas
    The Layout object
    Data-entry and Advanced Transaction Object
Chapter 8 – Process Modelling
Chapter 9 - Self Service BI
Chapter 10 - Board Office Add-ins
Chapter 11 - Board Web HTML5 Server
Chapter 12 - Board Mobile
Chapter 13 - Predictive Analytics (B.E.A.M.)
Release Notes