About screens

Screens are part of a Capsule. A screen is the working area where you can place objects from the toolbox such as tables, charts, gauges, buttons and so on.  

To see some examples of screen refer to Chapter 1 - Board Capsules and to Capsule Structure in this chapter.

Generally a screen contains buttons linking to other screens thus guiding the user through the various analyses. For better clarity and easier maintenance, it is recommended to limit the number of screens contained in a Capsule to no more than 30 or 40 screens. It is possible to create jumps from a Capsule to a different one thus providing a guided navigation across an unlimited number of analysis.

The screen of a Capsule is generally linked to one Board database and all objects of the screen access InfoCubes and entities from the that database. It is possible however to link screen objects (tables, charts, gauges..) to different Board databases by enabling the screen property "multi-database".