What's new in Board 2022 Summer release

This update introduces various significant enhancements and new features for every type of Board user, from Developers to end-users.

Board Developers can now set a very detailed Cube access level for each user thanks to the new Cube visibility feature and they can also control the encryption of data stored in Board with a new dedicated interface.

The new  Smart Import Object allows end-users to load substantial amounts of data in Board directly from a Screen in Play Mode with a simple Excel-like experience, while the new Power BI add-in leverages the capabilities of the new REST APIs launched in Board 2022 Spring release to integrate data between Board and Power BI Desktop, using Presentations.

This release includes additional platform enhancements that include new settings for the contextual menu (also called Sliding toolbar) of all Screen Objects, an upgrade of the My View feature, and a new authentication method for connecting to SAP data sources.

Board 2022 Summer release also introduces a complete refactoring of the execution of time and analytical functions in Dataflows, ensuring better data quality and better performance in specific business scenarios.



Main new features of this update

Smart Import Object - The new Smart Import Object allows users with at least a User license to load large amounts of data into Board in two ways: by copying/pasting values from a spreadsheet into the Object grid, or by uploading a .xlsx file. The new Object supports custom validation rules and suggested values, making it easy to load or update data in Cubes and even Entities without the need for Data readers: once a Capsule Developer has added and configured it in Design mode, the loading process is done from a Capsule Screen in Play mode.
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Cube visibility - The new Cube visibility feature has been developed to offer Developers unprecedented control over data stored in Cubes: with it, you can configure custom access levels for every Board user using highly detailed access and locking conditions based on other Cubes. Those custom access levels can be used to prevent certain users from viewing data or from performing data entry actions on specific Cube cells. Cube visibility rules are calculated at runtime and applied in real-time to Layouts and other Board resources in Play mode.
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Power BI add-in - The new Power BI add-in allows Board users to connect from Power BI Desktop to a Board Platform for immediate data consumption. The add-in enables access to Presentations via the new REST APIs launched in Board 2022 Spring release: after a simple configuration, you can authenticate within the add-in to extract data and create reports in Power BI Desktop using data coming from Board Presentations.
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Bring your own key encryption (BYOK) Beta - With the new BYOK feature, developers are now able to manage data encryption directly from the Summary page of each Data model in a quick and easy way: from the new interface, you can enable or disable the encryption using a dedicated toggle. The BYOK feature gives you control over Board's enhanced security for data using your own private key. The new feature is only available to cloud customers.
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