What's new in Board 2022 Spring release

This update introduces the ability to perform data entry actions on Data Views associated with Layout whose Blocks are vertically aligned, a much more efficient asynchronous Layout execution on folders of the Tab Container , and the ability to export data from the Impact Analysis section of Data models to Excel.

Board 2022 Spring release also introduces a new set of REST APIs that make it easier to connect to Board data from within other applications, such as Microsoft Power BI, and a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified connector, thus enabling a seamless integration of data from multiple Dynamics 365 apps in Board.



Main new features of this update

Data entry on vertically aligned Layouts - It is now possible to perform data entry actions on Data Views that show data coming from a Layout with vertically aligned Blocks. This new feature gives Board users a true spreadsheet-like experience when manually entering data,  making it easier to analyze and manipulate data regardless of different experience levels.
Read more about the Data entry on vertically aligned Layouts feature.


Asynchronous Layout execution on folders of the Tab Container - The Tab Container now executes the Layout of each Screen Object added to its folders only when said Object is visualized by the user. This allows for a much shorter loading time of Screen Objects and Screens in general.
The new option can be found in the contextual right panel of the Screen editing page once the container is selected and is enabled by default.


Export Impact Analysis data to Excel - It is now possible to export all data from the table displayed under the "Analysis" tab of the Impact Analysis section of each Data model. The new feature exports data in the XLSX file format, allowing you to work on the relationships of a Data model right on MS Excel.

The exported file reflects exactly the table shown in Board when clicking on the export icon (), also considering any custom sorts and filters applied through the interactive table headers. 


New REST APIs - A new, powerful set of REST APIs allows data to be read from Board into third party applications. The new set of APIs has been specifically designed with a human-to-machine approach, giving the user the ability to easily integrate Board with virtually any API capable software for immediate data consumption.

Read more about the new REST APIs.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified connector -  The new Board Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified connector is a great step ahead in integrating Board with yet another powerful cloud environment: Microsoft Dynamics 365. Board is now capable of seamlessly reading and writing data stored on Dynamics 365, bringing a new level of flexibility and scalability to its top of the line analytics features.
The connector supports the following Dynamics 365 applications:

CRM Apps

  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Marketing
  • Project Service Automation
  • Sales

ERP Apps

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Talent

To have the new connector installed on Cloud Platforms, please raise a ticket through the Board Support Portal: the ticket must contain your Platform name (e.g. customer1-s1.board.com). The Board Cloud Operations team will then handle your request and update you on the process.