About the Advanced Transaction Object (ATO)

The Advanced Transaction Object (ATO) management provides the end user with a controlled and guided environment for creating new Entity members and relationships.

In ATO management environments you can also use the Data View Object to allow end users to enter data in Cubes right after the creation of a new Entity member.

Typically, the structure of an ATO management environment in a Screen o a Container includes:

  • one or more Entity editors, which allow to create or edit an Entity member
  • (optional) one or more Data View objects allowing to enter data related to newly created Entity members. To do so, data entry must be enabled on one or more data blocks of the Layout and data entry actions must be performed at the physical level of the Cubes. See Data entry on Cubes for more details


The following picture shows a Screen with ATO management enabled:


When an ATO management environment contains one or more Entity editors and one or more Data Views, the Layout of all Data Views is executed only after the user selects an Entity member on each of the available Entity editors. This allows the Capsule designer to create a Screen where the end user must explicitly make a selection on an Entity editor before entering or viewing data.

The following picture shows a Screen with ATO management enabled, but the user hasn't selected a member on all Entity editors:

As you can see, the Layouts associated with the Data Views are not executed and no data is displayed.



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