Board version 7.3.0 Release Notes

Installation tip

With version 7.3.0, Board requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0, it is therefore a prerequisite to install it. Remember to always use the setup.exe program to launch any installation (do not double lick on the msi package files), by doing so the installation program will automatically verify all prerequisites and if required will automatically prompt to install the correct version of the Microsoft Framework.

Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 7.3.0 can connect to a server running Board Server 7.3.0 only, it is therefore to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules and databases created or modified with version 7.3.0 cannot be re-opened with version 7.2.1 (or prior).

Refer to the following pages for the list of new features and changes of version 7.3.0.

New features

Print as a  single object : on the panel container object, a new option named "Print as a single object" allows to print the objects contained on the panel exactly as positioned on screen, instead of printing each object to a new page.


Data-entry Lock & Spread : several enhancements have been introduced in support of data entry. On data entry reports, it is now possible to lock some cells, including locking column or row totals and use the Split&Splat automatically on the other cells. This facilitates the reconciliation of town-down and bottom-up budgeting and forecasting processes, or to adopt a goal-seeking approach to budgeting and forecasting. Also, an advanced data-entry window provides the user helpful features for data entry such as entering data simultaneously on a range of cells (add a constant value), or modify a range of selected cells by changing its total, average, by multiplying for a given factor etc. Go to the Lock & Spread page for details.


Board Excel Add-In : the Board Add-in for Excel has been largely renewed, it now supports defining more than one Layout on a worksheet and allows to set the position of the Layout on the worksheet. Other options and changes have been introduced to manage formatting and drill-down behavior; go to the Excel Add-in page of the manual for details.


CSV Data Reader : The ASCII text file Datareader now supports reading files in CSV format (Character Separated Value).


Some new option for the following Procedures Action have been introduced


Bug fixes and other minor changes



Chart object




Excel Add-in