Prints the current screen of the capsule. The following options can be set:



Exports the data presentation objects (any object for which a Layout is configured) of the current screen to one of the following formats Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (included the Flattened option) , Microsoft PowerPoint, Rich Text Format, XPS and PDF. In the Filename field type the name of the output file.



This action allows to send some reports via e-mail as attachments, to a list of e-mail addresses. The reports can be produced and attached to the e-mail message in the same one of the formats supported by the Export function.

To configure the broadcasting, set the following parameters:



Broadcasting action uses a mailer program (mailer.exe) provided by Board and installed in the directory where Board Client is installed. To configure the SMTP server and other parameters, open the Board Client Options panel and go to the Broadcasting menu option.


To use the Broadcasting function create a Capsule screen containing


When the Broadcasting procedure is executed, the selected screen is exported to the chosen format (XLS; DOC, PPT or RFT), one file is created for each occurrence of the entities set by row in the DataView (i.e. each recipient).

The data presentation objects on the screen are executed and if the DataView has the Master option enabled, the layouts are refreshed for each individual row of the DataView. For example if the DataView contains the list of Salesman then all reports will be executed with a restriction on the Salesman and then exported to a file which will be sent so that each salesman receives a report containing its own data only.

If the text column of the DataView contains a text string (i.e. the e-mail address), a file is created (the attachment for the e-mail named like the Screen Name) to the output directory specified in the procedure setup (in the field Directory). Note that this allows to broadcast the report on a conditional basis, for example: if a certain column of the DataView is within a given range, then the e-mail address column is blank and therefore this person will not receive an e-mail or vice-versa the e-mail address column is non-blank only when a certain threshold is exceeded and therefore that person will receive the report.


Refresh Office Reports

This action allow to refresh the Board reports (Layouts) contained in MS-Office documents created using the Board Add-ins for MS-Office.

It is possible to  


When using the second option (specify a folder), it is possible to use wildcard characters to filter and update only the matching documents, for example to update only MS-Word documents starting with the letters abc, type  abc*.docx .


The following two options can be set for this action:

at least one of the two above options should be ticked when configuring this action otherwise no visible effect can be seen by its execution.



This action can run only if Microsoft Office is installed on the PC where the procedure is executed.


Text notification

It is possible to send a text notification using a text cube.

Other than the address block, you can choose a Body Block from the dataview.