Board 10.5 Release Notes

What's New in Board 10.5


Other changes


The gauge can show up to 3 blocks . It is also possible to setup min/max threshold values . Four Gauge styles available in the configuration panel.











So, in case of a dataview configured with a single block, an entity by row and 2 entities by column (Year and Month) on the axes, the final aspect will be the one below:




Same behavior is applied to the dataview when you configure multiple blocks and 1 entity by column:





Differences between the web client and the win client

Below you can find the list of features that are not available in edit mode in the web client and that will be potentially developed in the future:


Features that are missing in edit mode can be used in play mode. So, if you have a NEXEL in a screen, you can still use it in play mode with the web client. If you need to develop a new nexel, we suggest to keep an update version of the capsule in the old format ".cpsx". Then, you can create the missing feature with the Win Client and migrate the capsule to be used with the web client.


Fixes and Minor Changes


Upgrade instructions

Version 10.5 introduces a full web HTML5 client. Capsules that are created from the web client have a new format: ".bcps". The old ".cpsx" capsule can be still used in play mode in the old format. Old capsule in ".cpsx" need to converted into the new ".bcps" format to be used in edit mode on the web client (a common web browser). The migration process is automatic and documented HERE. The system will retain a copy of the capsule in the old format renaming it with the "(BKP) tag in the capsule name. The ".bcps" capsules cannot be opened from the BOARD Windows Client.


Broadcasting features installation

The broadcasting features (subscription, send to and broadcasting) require an additional service that execute the mailing function. The web API Engine installation (self-hosted) deploys a new service "BoardMailerService" that is used for the Broadcasting like functions. If the Web API Engine has been deployed under IIS, this new service is not automatically deployed on the instance. An additional set of CMD commands must be run on the server to deploy that service.

Below the commands for the "BoardMailerService" deploy:


"C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\installutil.exe" "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\B10WEB\Bin\Board.Mailer.Service.exe"

sc config BoardMailerService start=auto

sc start BoardMailerService


Where "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\B10WEB" is the IIS path where the BOARD web application is hosted.


Printing features installation

This features relies on a Windows process (Board.Web.Snapshotter.exe) that requires the installation of the .net Framework 4.7.1 . Please notice that this version of the .NET framework requires Windows Server 2012 or later.


If you are deploying the Board Web Service  using IIS, make sure to configure your instance as described below:



The 'Snapshotter'  folder must be cut from the Bin Folder and copied in the IIS Board Website Root (like the App_Data folder).

For additional information please refer to the Boardville Community Wiki Document.



In the Application Pool of the IIS Board Website, go to advance settings, and set parameter “Load User Profile” to true.



No additional configuration are requested if you're deploying the Board Web Service suing its own http Server.


After upgrading the Board Server it is required to upgrade all Board Client and Office Add-in installations to the same version 10.5. A Capsule created or saved using version 10.5 can't be re-opened with an older version such as version 10.3.x or even older.

When you open Capsules created with prior versions of Board (version 9 or 8) a request of upgrade to Board 10 format prompts out. If you click Yes the Capsule is automatically updated in few secs and enabled to the Board Web Client. If you click 'No' you can still go on to use the Capsule but with the Board Win Client only


Snapshotter (Printing Service) Configuration

It is possible to change some settings of the Snapshotter  Process editing the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Board\Board WebApi Server\App_Data\config\snapshotter.config  (if you run IIS refer to IIS App_Data Folder location path).


<add key="host" value="http://localhost:8011/" />

It's the snapshotter process host address. Change the IP port if needed

<add key="applicationUrl" value="http://localhost/" />

As configured on your site bindings, for example:

If the web application port has been changed, you need to specify the port here in the applicationUrl definition

<add key="minPoolSize" value="1" />

It's the number of Web Client (Browsers) that can simultaneously generates reports. By default it is from 1 (min) to 5 (max)

<add key="maxPoolSize" value="5" />
<add key="workingFolderPath" value="..\reporting\" />

The temporary folder path where screenshots are saved while generating the report

<add key="logLevel" value="Error"/>

You can setup  Error, Verbose, Debug. (Error by Default)

<add key="logPath" value="..\log\Snapshotter\{Date}.log" />

The folder Path where logs generated by the reporting jobs are saved.



Compatibility Check

Also in Board 10.5 the consistency check-up between the Board Win Client version and the Board Server Version is performed on the minor release ID only (10.5.xxxxx). Meanings that :


Anyway if any of the BOARD Win Client, or the BOARD MS Office Add-In or the  BOARD's HTML5WebServer (Board Web Client) finds, during the execution of a Board Application (Capsule) any incompatibility with the BOARD Engine (Board Server) it stops the execution and asks for the Client upgrade.