Board 2021 Spring release - What's new

This major release has plenty of features and enhancements for every type of user, from developers to end-users. What's more, it also includes performance improvements and some new administration features. 


Main new features of this release

Unbalanced Hierarchies: allows to define unbalanced roll-up hierarchies, with a changing number or levels and sub-levels, supporting drill-down/drill-anywhere, data entry with lock&spread down and across any level of the hierarchy. 


Data View: multiple enhancements have been added, such as sparklines, automatic scaling of large figures, support for copy/paste from Excel without any rows or columns limitation and improved performance of large reports. 


Excel Add-in: a new Board function allows to define formulas for writing-back data from an Excel spreadsheet to a Board cube, similarly to the BSave() function but more flexible and supporting ranges of cells. This allows to link preformatted Excel worksheets and save data to Board cubes through a simple Excel formula. 


Cube structure and versioning: it is now possible, as it was in version 10, to define manually the sparse structure of a cube as well as the pre-aggregate versions. The sparse structure and versions of cubes are now also maintained when upgrading your Data model from version 10. This facilitates the upgrade process and allows developers that are familiar with sparsity and versioning of version 10 to re-use their custom settings.


Data Reader from Cloud Storage: it is possible to read files stored on cloud storage services such as AWS/S3, Google Cloud storage, Azure Storage, directly through native APIs or the cloud services.


R connector: a native connector to R allows to run an R script from a Board Procedure, passing it some input data from Board cubes and retrieving result data directly in Board cubes. The bi-directional connection directly streams data through an R-Serve end-point, without creating or moving files. 


New native database connectors: over 30 new native connectors to common commercial databases and systems such as SnowFlake, REST/APIs data providers, Dynamics365, Google Analytics and more. 


Subscription Hub: is a portal for managing your Board Cloud Platforms that centralizes in one place licenses, user management and some configuration and administration tasks such as the federation of your corporate SAML2 authentication provider. These features apply to Board Cloud customers only.

Learn more about the new Board Subscription Hub.