Data View enhancements

The Data View object in Board 2021 Spring release now offers various new features and improvements in order to make it even more easy to configure and use.

Here's a summary of what has changed:

  1. Data View Numbers scaling. This feature automatically displays large numbers in a shortened format with one decimal place, adding a "K" for thousands, "M" for millions or "B" for billions.
    For example 12'543'000 is automatically displayed as 12.5 M.
    The new feature is available in Design mode under the toolbox properties, and in Play mode under the quick Edit options
  2. Data-entry on BLOB cubes. It is now possible to perform data-entry on BLOB cubes from a tooltip on the Data View. To do so, configure a "Tooltip by" option and set a hidden block of the Layout that contains a BLOB cube with data-entry enabled
  3. Data View save block format. It is now possible to configure and save the block format in a drill-down
  4. Row sparkline overview. It is now possible to add a sparkline as a row overview within the Data View. The new feature can be toggled under the Layout object properties menu
  5. Data View tool-tip data-entry. The "Tooltip by" option in the Layout propertied now supports data-entry for numerical, text and BLOB cubes
  6. Pasting a large range of cells to a Data View for entering data. It is now possible to paste an unlimited range of cells from Excel to a Data View with data-entry enabled. Previously the range of cells was limited by the rows Data View virtualization size (100 rows and 100 columns), this limit has now been removed
  7. Data View groups. In a Data View with two or more entities by row, a tooltip has been added to fully display the description text of group items that don't fit the column width and are truncated
  8. Data View optimization. When color coding is enabled on a block, the contrast between the cell background color and the font color is automatically managed, changing the font color dynamically to allow for easier reading

  9. Validation rules. The error messages of data-entry validation rules are now displayed on the Data View cells that caused the error, while in previous versions the message was shown in a toast notification window sliding down from the top of the page.