Other enhancements

Screen Editor

  1. Screen editing. It is now possible to copy/paste the format settings from one object (Data View, Chart and others) to another. This greatly improves development efficiency, removing the need to re-define existing customizations. The Copy/Paste format action is located in the toolbar on the top right corner of the page, where the existing Copy/Paste object icons are
  2. Capsule Screens list. The Capsule home screen is now always displayed at the top of the list. When in edit mode, it is possible to set a screen as Home screen from the dropdown menu in the screens list
  3. Data model quick link. A quick link to the Data model has been added to the property panel of a screen and to the Layout editor. This link allows a Developer user to quickly open the Data model used in a Capsule screen or in a Layout.


Other changes

  1. iXBRL editing and filing. It is now possible to generate iXBRL reports from an Excel report generated from a Data View. The link to the iXBRL reporting environment can be configured as a Procedure step, in order to create a seamless integration for the end-user
  2. New ODBC drivers. A selection of over 20 new Board ODBC drivers are now released and will be installed automatically. The new Board ODBC drivers will be included in the Board Server installation package.

    The Board ODBC drivers allow to connect to the following list of databases and solutions: 

    • Amazon EMR Hive           

    • Cloudera CDH Hive

    • Hortonworks Hive

    • IBM BigInsights Hive

    • MapR Hive

    • Pivotal HD Hive

    • Apache Cassandra

    • DataStax Enterprise

    • Pivotal HAWQ

    • Aurora PostgreSQL

    • FinancialForce

    • Veeva CRM

    • Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse)

    • Microsoft Analytics Platform System

    • Microsoft Azure SQL Database

    • IBM DB2 Hosted

    • Aha

    • Github

    • HubSpot

    • TeamCity

    • Autonomous REST/API

    • Mongo DB

    • Google Big Query

    • Amazon Redshift

    • Snowflake

    • Google Analytics

    • MS DYnamics 365

    • MS Sharepoint

    • SAP S4/HANA Cloud

    • Oracle DB CLoud Service

    • Oracle CX Service

    • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

  3. Parallel processing. The execution of procedures in a multiuser environment has been further improved. Board's parallel processing has improved scalability

  4. Capsule search and Advanced Search API. New REST/APIs allow to invoke the Capsule search function (searches a text string on capsule names) and the Advanced Search function (searches the text string in capsule names, screen names, cubes, entities, comment used in any screen).

  5. Security report. Within Database security profiles management, this new feature generates a table-view with all users and their security filters on data. This allows to easily audit users and their security Selections (filters) on the Data model. The report can be exported in Excel format.

  6. Procedures. It is now possible to copy/paste multiple steps and groups in a procedure

  7. Impact Analysis. A new summarized view of the references and links between the various parts and objects has been added. This initial section allows to select what links should be analysed by the impact analysis crawler