Board 9.1 Release Notes

What New in Board 9.1

Data Connection: BOARD 9.1 provides an extended fully integrated and optimized ODBC Driver Library, that facilitates a rapid connection to three distinct Data Source Categories :

> Native BOARD ODBC Drivers

> Connector Adapters : for REST and OData


Corporate Identity Designer :  Large Enterprise Companies need to apply severe brand regulations to Application Design. BOARD 9.1 provides the capability to narrow the Toolbox Object choices and their format options to some only.


Concurrent Capsule Editing: Two or more Power User can now develop together on the same Capsule. The locking mechanism that prevents design overlaps and conflicts happens at Screen and Procedure Level.

Samples :

> Two Users can't develop together the same Screen or the Same Procedure

> If  User_1 tries to edit a Screen/Procedure that is already in design mode for User_2, he gets a Lock Message : it is enough that the  User_2 closes the Screen/Procedure to enable Screen Editing for User_1.

> Is User_1 creates the Screen_1 (without Saving it yet) and  User_1 creates the Screen_1 (same naming) they will be both able to edit Screen_1 and Save it with the Last Saved Screen_1 to prevail.


Rules for Power Users: Power Users can now create , edit, export and import Rules from the Database Designer Ribbon Bar. This capability is available only for those Rules that have been created by a "Power" User. Rules that have been created by a "Developer" User can be visualized but not saved neither exported.

Attention ! This action even if performed by a Power User locks the Database in design mode.



Fixing Relationship: An advanced  Top-Down and Bottom-Up relationship Scanner is available know with filling capabilities for missing relationship to prevent exceptions handling.


Mobile Iron: Board Mobile Client is now integrated with Mobileiron the well known Platform of Mobile Application Management. Please visit Mobileiron Market Place for a full understanding of available features like Application Wrap-Up and  Login Management.


Download Format: It is now possible from the Board Web Client to download data using the XPS format like default format. To activate this Option tick the check-box "Force Export to XPS" in the Client Default Settings Section of the Web Server Configuration Tool.

Fixes and minor changes


Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 9.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 9.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules created or modified with version 9.1 cannot be re-opened with version 9.0 (or prior).

It is adviseable to upgrade  MS .NET Framework to version 4.6