Board 8.1.0 Release Notes

Introducing version 8.1

BOARD 8.1 specifically provides enhancements to following areas:

• Scalability: With significant improvements to the session handling and caching, BOARD 8.1 can now handle thousands of concurrent without performance loss.

• Security:  Today’s world require high levels of security. BOARD 8.1 delivers robust security through improved user profile management and the creation of customized security rules and alerts.

• Localization: Successful global deployments demand full localization capability. With BOARD 8.1, any part of BOARD that is visible to the end user, whether it being the text on a button, of the application menu can be localized to any language.

• System administration: Monitoring large, international or global BI and CPM applications can become time consuming and complex. With BOARD 8.1, expanded system logging enables system administrators to monitor nearly any type of event and rapidly build dashboard and alerts to pre-empt issues and adhere to corporate compliance rules.


In addition, BOARD 8.1 offers several usability enhancements to its BI and CPM solution that ultimately will increase decision making effectiveness, such at the  “Data Spreading Modeller” which improves any type of planning activity by quickly allowing end users to apply and allocate data according to configurable models.

BOARD 8.1 also extends its usage to mobile users with the new BOARD 8 Mobile product line. Designed and developed for a high performance, gesture based usage, BOARD Mobile offers users access to their familiar desktop application and browser based BI & CPM applications on Windows Mobile and iOS based devices. Users can also access their data in off-line mode, thus making it possible to work without connection to a network. BOARD Mobile uses the same programming free toolkit as for the desktop and browser based applications, thus making is possible to deploy nearly any type of screen to a mobile devices in a matter of minutes.



What's new in Board 8.1


Fixes and minor changes



Important things to know