Block Option : Action

It is possible to link an Action to Cells. The Action can coexist with a different Cell Appearance.

Click on the "Configure" Gear Icon and Select from the available Options :

Entity : clicking on the cell you drill down on the selected entity

Screen : clicking on the cell you drill down on the selected screen in "pop up" mode or opening a new Tab if Option "GoTo Screen" is enabled

Procedure :clicking on the cell you launch a Database or Capsule Procedure. Only one procedure can be linked to the cells of a layout.

Drill Through : clicking on the cell you launch a drill through command





When an Action has been setup in a block a Green Alert is displayed. Actions can be setup in design mode only.



The Action is performed using the Select as a combination of the by Row Item select and by Column Item select if any.



In this sample when you click you open the Screen 1 with a Selection on the City of Portland and the year = 2012.


The Dynamic GoTo Screen facilitates the creation of interactive Menus facilitating the Screen Navigation using text cubes.


How to use Dynamic GoTo Screen

In block option configure the block that you want to use as a button to navigate other screens, select the action drill to screen or gotoscreen.




Then select a text cube (it may be an algorithm) that contains screen names in the various rows in the Dynamic Screen drop-down list.

In our sample we set up block b as a drill to screen for block a:




So clicking on "Perez" for example the user open the  "ScreenB", clicking on "Lee" opens the  "ScreenA"