Board 2021 Winter release - What's new

This update introduces a new, much more flexible Waterfall chart Object, new Procedure steps for extracting data from Board, significant Subscription Hub enhancements and additional performance improvements to further increase Board speed, stability and reliability.


Main new features of this update

New Waterfall chart Object - The Waterfall chart Object has been completely redesigned in order to cover an even larger number of use cases. It now offers many new customization options regarding deviations, subtotals and data sources that contribute to the variation between the starting point and the ending point.
Read more about the new Waterfall chart Object.


New Actions (Procedure steps) in the Extract actions group - Two new Actions (Procedure steps) have been added in the "Extract" actions group in the Procedure designer: Bulk insert to SQL Table and Export Dataset. These new steps allow for much faster data extraction from Layout executions, even with many Data Blocks and many Entities set by row, and allow you to export that data to a CSV file or to an external SQL database table.
Read more about the new Actions.


Subscription Hub improvements- New authorization features for administrators and various options in the General Setting section have been added, such as the ability to define login options of associated Platforms, create your own password and locking policy, and customize the automatic emails sent to users during the registration or the enrollment process. In addition, the user profile panel and other Subscription Hub sections have been fully restyled to give them a more modern and user-friendly look. These improvements are available for Board Cloud customers only.
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