Exporting a Presentation

This topic describes how to export a Presentation and all available options.


Presentations might come in handy when you need to export or print a Capsule, a part of it or a collection of Screens taken from different Capsules. 

Once you have added the desired Screens to your Presentation, you can make changes to Layouts, selections, drills and filters (Pagers) before exporting it.

Presentations can be then exported to a variety of different file formats or you can have them sent automatically to multiple users via email.


The Export printable report feature

It is possible to export an entire Presentation in various print-ready file formats using the "Export printable report" option, located in the Top Menu both in Edit and Play mode.

This option will export the currently open Presentation in the following formats:

  • PDF file
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Creates a .pptx document to be opened with Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2007 and newer) containing all Slides of the Presentation


The Slides will be exported using the print template defined for each linked Screen in the Capsule environment. See Print and export data from a Capsule for more details.


To export a Presentation, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Top Menu, hover over the the burger icon and click on "Export printable report"
  2. Select the export format, PDF or PowerPoint, and the download will automatically start 



The Send To feature

The Sent To feature allows to automatically send a Presentation to one or multiple Board users via email. You can create as many recipient lists as you need, each with its own configuration and settings.

The Presentation can be sent in one of the following formats:

  • PDF
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Powerpoint


To access the Send To management page, click on the "List" tile in the Presentations homepage.

In the Send To page you can see all existing Send To jobs and their information: the table is sortable and searchable using the interactive header fields. You can also show or hide columns to your liking, by clicking the Column chooser button in the upper right corner of the table.

You can disable or enable Send To jobs using the toggle in the "Status" column of the table. Each job can be instantly executed by clicking the "Send now" icon at the end of each row.

Configuring a Send To job

A configuration wizard will guide you through the creation of each new Send To job.

The sequence is the following:

  1. Task
    Enter the name of the "Send To" action that you want to create.
  2. Who
    Select the user or the list of users that will receive the Presentation. Only users that have an e-mail address associated to their user account are available on this list
  3. What
    Here you can define the subject of the email, choose the Presentation that will be sent as an attachment, its format (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint) and the email body
  4. When
    Adjust the scheduling options for the mailing service, sending frequency and start time. Based on the chosen frequency, additional settings will appear
  5. Summary
    The last step of the configuration wizard displays a summary of your choices. Click on "SAVE CHANGES" to end the configuration and save the job.

Every newly created Sent To job is enabled by default. See the previous paragraph for more details.



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