Open a Capsule

Log into a Board Platform and you will automatically land in the Capsule browser: you will see all Capsules and folders you can access, in the form of tiles.
See Board workspace for more information.

To open a Capsule, simply click on the corresponding tile. Depending on which mode is active in the Capsule browser, the following scenarios may occur:

  • Play mode. Open a Capsule to view and interact with it
  • Design mode. Clicking on a Capsule tile will take you directly to its Home Screen with all functions for configuring it and adding Screen Objects, provided the user has the appropriate Board license and authorizations in place.

See more about Capsules in Design and Play mode.


When you open a Capsule, you will always land on its Home Screen. The Home Screen should explain the Capsule’s purpose and content: for example, it may be useful to add some introductory text and a diagram illustrating how the Capsule is organized.
You can always choose which Screen is the Capsule Home Screen from the Capsule Properties page or from the Capsule Screen list  in Design mode, by clicking on the icon that appears on the right side of  the Screen when you hover over it and by selecting "Set as Home screen".


Capsules can also be opened from:

  • The Favorites page, reachable from the the Main Menu. In that area, you will find all Capsules you've marked as favorites by clicking on the star icon that appears by clicking on the burger menu
  • The Recents page, reachable from the the Main Menu. In that area, you will see all Capsules you've recently opened
  • The search results page. When you perform a search using Board's internal search engine, the search results page will display all Capsules tiles matching the keyphrase you typed, along with Presentations, Screens and Slides.