Capsule Properties

The Capsule Properties page allows you to define the following Capsule data and settings:

  • Capsule name. See Create a new Capsule for more information on Capsule names guidelines
  • Hide Screen List. If ticked, this option will disable the Screen list option from the menu that appears when hovering over the burger icon in the Top Menu. The Screen list option that appears when clicking the burger icon in the top right corner of each Capsule tile will still be available, but the pop-up window will only show the Home Screen. When this option is active, you will no longer be able to use a link to open a Screen other than the Home Screen.
    This option should be enabled when you wish to force a user to follow the navigation links and buttons placed on the Screen:
  • Home screen. Select which existing Screen you want as the opening Screen of your Capsule
  • Default screen resolution
  • Capsule Tiles. Allows you to change the following graphic elements of the tile:
    • Sparkline. This option lets you set a sparkline right on the tile, by defining a Layout and a Select (optional) on the available Entities
    • Footer. This option lets you show a value on the footer of the tile, by defining a Layout. If a Select is set for the sparkline, it will also affect the footer value. Only a single value can be shown on this area
    • Icon. Add a customized icon for your Capsule through a link, by uploading it to the Capsule's embedded images area or by selecting it from the Capsule's embedded images area
    • Background. select a background color for the tile

    Every graphic change will be displayed immediately in the right-hand side preview area.

  • Change Data model. Changes the Data model associated with the Capsule by default. See Change the Data model associated with a Capsule for more information
  • Reset Capsule font family. Reset all custom font styles in the Capsule to the default style. This applies to all Screen Objects in all Screens