Assign default authorizations

  • Applies to: All Board Cloud subscriptions   associated with a Subscription Hub

HOW: Configure default authorizations for user accounts created by an enrollment process

In the "DEFAULT AUTHORIZATIONS" page, you can configure attributes that will automatically be applied to new user accounts created by an enrollment process. 

The following attributes can be defined in the upper part of the page: 

  • Authentication type (mandatory)
  • Password policy override (checkbox)
  • License (mandatory)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office (checkbox)
  • Culture

Default authorizations for the enrolled user

Those attributes can also be set for each user from the User profile panel. Please visit the Users section for more details.

Whenever an existing user logs into Board through an external IDP, the information in his/her User profile panel is overwritten with the most recent information imported from the external IDP. Manual changes made by administrators are also overwritten, depending on the external IDP's configuration.

If a default Permission Group is set, it always has the highest priority, even if the Enrollment is enabled with default authorizations.


In the table in the lower part of the page, you can configure roles and licenses for each Board platform associated with the Subscription Hub. To clear an existing association, click on the trash can icon at the beginning of the corresponding row.

Default authorizations for BOARD Platforms

Those attributes can also be set in the Platform authorization table under the User profile panel. Please visit the Users section for more details.


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