Board Web Server: What's new in 7.4

New feautres

Board Web Server can now use Windows Authentication method to provide Single Sing-On for users belonging to the same windows network of the Board Web Server. Refer to Windows Authentication for Board Web Server.


Board Web Server now support many options and features of the Client environment such as

- The login page and tool-bar have been restyled.

- Object rotation and transparencies.

- Dataview with columns formatted as buttons and check-boxes.

- Drill-to-screen and drill-procedure actions.

- Printing has been improved with options for printing to PDF or XPS format.

- Procedures: the following actions are now supported : Go to Capsule, Go to Screen with the propagation of the Select and Pagers (option Apply Data Selection),  the Show Message action, the Save/Undo data-entry action.


Refer also to Board version 7.3.5 Release notes for other improvements included in this release.