Board version 7.3.5 Release Notes

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade to version 7.3.5, run the server installation program on the machine where Board Server Board is installed. The client PCs where Board Client was installed using the Auto-update option will automatically upgrade at the next connection to the Board Server. The PCs where the Board Office add-in is installed require to be upgraded by running the installation program.


Capsules and databases created or modified with version 7.3.5 cannot be re-opened with version 7.3.4 (or prior).

Refer to the following pages for the list of new features and changes of version 7.3.5.

New features, Bug fixes and other minor changes

Board Client

- The Export to Excel action in Procedures now supports exporting a Dataview in flattening mode.

- Dataview. Now the export and print with collapse, displays totals.

- DataView. It is now possible to apply the format template defined on an Entity also when the entity is set by column (previously was only possible when the entity was in rows).

- Dataview. The custom format of a column is now propagated when drilling-down.

- Dataview. The rendering performance of Dataview with formatting at cell or column level has been improved.

- Dataview. The performance of the Print-Preview function has been improved.

- The entity set on a Pager with ATO enabled is now considered correctly in drill-downs.

- New! it is now possible to inhibit the Drill-down function on Dataviews, Charts, and other objects supporting drill-down. This option can be set on an object while designing the screen and will prevent the possibility to drill-down when in play mode (runtime mode).  

- Cockpit in a TileView object. Now resized correctly when the object is maximized.

- An error affecting Dataviews with 4 or more entities by row occurring when attempting to expand/collapse the second or third subtotal level, has been fixed.

- Data-entry on a Drill-down window. An error occurring after the refresh subsequent to a manual data-entry in a drill-down window has been fixed.

- Printing of a Dataview to Legal paper format now doesn't leave a white margin.

- Data-entry on check-box formatted column is now immediate (previously required to move focus away from the cell).

- An error occasionally occurring when making a select on screens with ATO has been fixed.

- Dataview. Loading of images embedded in a report is now improved.

- A bug on the Dataview object causing the loss of the header's format when exporting to PowerPoint has been fixed.

- An error occurring when printing, with paging, a Chart object contained on a Folder object has been fixed.

- The Ribbon bar now shows the Layout button also when double clicking a Dataview which is on a container object.

- Dataview. An error causing some totals not to be recalculated after a data-entry has been fixed.

- The data required to save a Layout has been optimized (now reduced).

- Export to Word. An error occurring when defining a name for the exported file has been fixed.

- The DataView was not displaying the icons for collapse / expand when a partial flattening was set.

- An error causing a crash occasionally when closing a screen has been fixed.

- The Save/Undo buttons are not displayed when a Dataview is placed on a container where ATO is enabled.

- DynaWrite. Resizing of the DynaWrite when placed on a contained object could behave erratically.  

- An error which was causing the incorrect visualization of the message Procedure Running though a procedure was not running, has been fixed.

- Tool-tip. In some cases the tool-tip could be displayed on the incorrect cell, this error is now resolved.

- The pointer icon changes to hand when hovers over a button or label having an action defined.

- An error occurring on the Dataview, when keying-in a number with  decimals has been fixed.

-The refresh of algorithms has been modified in order to show the incorrect formula instead of the cell where error occurs, making it easier to find a problem in the formula.

- The Label object now changes the font color to black in case there is a color alert set on the Layout (same behavior as the Dataview object) .

- The Layout configuration window now displays in the info field the cube name or the algorithm when a title has been defined for that block.

- The Chart and Cockpit object now have a new default size.

- Entity Format. An error occurring when applying a row format on a DataView with two or more entities by Row, and causing the format to be applied to the wrong row, has now been fixed.

- An error occasionally occurring when deleting a screen and causing Board Client to go into Faulted State has been fixed.

- DataView Drill-down. An error potentially occurring when drilling-down on a Dataview having two entities by column has been fixed.


Database Functions

- The predefined number of fields available when configuring a DataReader of type CSV or SAP is now 150.

- DataReader. When reopening an SQL DataReader, the drop-down list with the connections shows the name of the connection which was saved for that protocol with a different background color to identify it more easily.

- Fixed an error in the SQL generator occurring when defining a JOIN on a query having also a WHERE clause: a space was missing in the SQL statement.

- DataReader configuration. An error causing occasionally preventing from being able to use drag&drop when configuring an SQL DataReader as been fixed.



- Broadcasting. A bug of the Broadcasting and Refresh Office file actions causing the process to hang has been fixed.

- An error, occurring when amending the configuration of a Dataflow and which was resetting the target field, has been fixed.

- The Extract action to extract to text file the content of an Entity, a cube or a Tree now has an option to create file in CSV format, which uses a the tab character as delimiter. Note that as of version 7.4 or later, it is preferable to use CSV format when export any Board content to file.

- Broadcasting to Excel: a bug causing the broadcasting function to stop when the target path was not existing has now been fixed.


Other fixes

- The installation package now doesn't install the utility program that converts databases from version 6 to version 7.

- An error of the LDAP connection occurring when the Board server was authenticated on a sever different from the LDAP server, has been fixed.

- Excel Add-in . A new Board function for Excel now allows to set via a formula a selection on a sheet where a Layout is present. When the formula is evaluated, the sheet Layouts are refreshed. This function allows to easily create  your Excel workbooks the equivalent of a Board Pager or Selector objects.

- The Board Add-in for Office now verify the compatibility of the version of the Board server  when a connection is established.


Board Web

The Board Web Client and Web Server have been thoroughly improved. Performance and scalability of the Web Server are considerably improved and Board Web Client now support the following features and options: