Board Capsules: What's new in 7.4

Select through sparse

The Select windows now allows to propagate the selection from one entity to other independent entities through the sparse structures. If entity A and entity B are independent, but both belong to a sparse structure, then it is possible to select some members of entity A and then propagate this selection to entity B, as a result you will obtain a selection on the members of B which have combinations with members of A. This function is triggered from the Select window, clicking the icon "Focus to all entities" (see image below) found on the right of the Focus icon.


This function is an interactive function and can't be triggered otherwise than by the user. It is similar to the function Select Based On, since it propagates the selection from one entity to another non related, but it works across sparse structures and not a specific cube.


Example, let's consider a sparse structure between two entities, Customer and Product, which are not related through any relationship. Select one or more products, then click the function "Focus to all entities" , this will propagate the selection to the Customer entity selecting those customers for which exists a combination with the chosen Product.





Other changes and fixes of version 7.4

Version 7.4 shares all changes and fixes of Board Client version 7.3.5, refer to the Board vertion 7.3.5 Release Notes.