Exporting from the Board Client

From Board Client it is possible to export data represented on a Capsule screen to different formats.

Export to Microsoft Office

It is possible to export data to the following Microsoft Office formats:


The export function creates a document in the specified format, with the data and the charts of the Capsule screen. When exporting to a MS-Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007 or Word 2007 (or later) format, not only data and is exported but also the Layout definitions, which allows to then use the Board Office Add-In to work on that data. For example it is possible to refresh the reports, or drill-down or even modify their Layouts from within the MS-Office program.



To enable the export icons, to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, it is required that MS-Office version 2003 or later is installed on the client PC.

Export to RTF

Exporting to RTF format (Rich Text Format) generates a text document which is compatible with almost any text editor program.



The export to RTF format is always available, even if MS-Office is not installed, it doesn't require any third party software to be installed on the client PC. However reports exported to RTF format can't be refreshed,

Export to PDF and XPS

The PDF (Portable Document Format) is a common format (developed by Adobe) for exchanging and printing documents.

The XPS (XML Paper Specification) is an equivalent format, developed by Microsoft, which can be opened with Internet Explorer.

Export to Image

Export to image takes a snapshot of the capsule screen and allows saving it to one of the following image file formats: JPEG, BMP or PNG.

Export Procedure

Note that it is possible to use the Export functions within a Board Procedure. Refer to the following paragraph for details  Procedure Actions / Reporting.