Board 9.0 Release Notes

Introducing version 9.0

BOARD 9.0 specifically provides enhancements to following areas:


Prediction: BOARD 9.0 can count upon an extremely sophisticated and powerful Statistical Engine which functional coverage ranges from a variety of statistical and data mining techniques that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future to a combination of multivariate analysis techniques aimed at grouping a set of objects in such a way that objects in the same group (called a cluster) are more similar (in some sense or another) to each other than to those in other groups (clusters).


Charting:  BOARD has released a stunning enhancement to its charting capabilities introducing the ability for users to visualize data over various dimensions, with nice visual and chart facilities to easily interact with data and chart series attributes.

Mapping: A New Generation of Chart Object is now available to tackle the even and even demanding need of data visualization, correlation analysis and distribution map. Geo-Map, Heat-Map, Tree-Map, Radar-Map are the Pioneers of this new  charting frontier.

Individual Productivity: Users familiar with spreadsheet-like tool can now benefit of a wide library of formulas (Formula Editor), glued on the top of the reporting layer. This intuitive tool provides calculation and data entry capabilities on column, punctual cell references, range of cells.


Mobile: Mobile Application are now CPM ready: Full and Traditional Data Entry features, Interactive Calculation Processes (Procedure) complete the mobile offering extending Project Coverage to Sale-force Planning, Purchase Campaign, MKTG Survey and a lot more.


Enterprise Architecture: Challenges for Global Companies focus on performance sustainability and large delivery solutions. BOARD Cluster Architecture and its sophisticated synch mechanisms and maintenance tools, guarantee both.     


In addition, BOARD 9.0 offers several usability enhancements to its BI and CPM solution that ultimately will increase decision making effectiveness, such as the Object “Transparency” attribute, which drives the Object format and usability accordingly to the User Profiles, or the Data-view Search tool-box for the ultimate data interaction on reports.


What New in Board 9.0

·  Predictive Analytics : the new predictive engine for extended forecast capabilities

·  Data Cluster :  a back-end correlation analysis process to group dimension items based on business measure types

·  Analytical Functions :  a library of Data-view Layout additional functions to facilitate popular stats indicators and measures

·  Nexel (Formula Editor) :  allows to overlap to the Data View Grip a Spreadsheet-Like Layer to incorporate expressions and calculations

·  Layout Enhancements : improvement of heading scripts, improvement of logic data entry and more

·  Cluster Architecture : allows to delivery solutions on large enterprise scenarios facilitating load-balancing and application segmentation optimizing HW resources

·  Mobile Enhancements : this platform now supports data entry functionalities and process executions

·  Log enhancements : more actions are tracked inside logs, as security parameters changes and drill-through access

·         It has been improved the capability to visualize reports with a pretty unlimited number of rows: acceptable execution time should anyway always drive the report design. Existing guidelines on report rows calculation and upper row limits are still valid.

·  Button/Labels Properties Enhancement: Setup options to dynamically tailor format and behavior on layout criteria

·  Chart Engine : more charts options combined with unlimited format capabilities

·  Mapping Objects : the support for distribution analysis with Geo-Map, Heat-Map and Tree-Map

·  Timebar : A Time Selector that combines visualization with flexible and intuitive Time Selections


Upgrade Instructions


To upgrade to version 9, run the server installation program on the machine where Board Server Board is installed. The client PCs where Board Client was installed using the Auto-update option will automatically upgrade at the next connection to the Board Server. The PCs where the Board Office add-in is installed require to be upgraded by running the installation program.


Capsules and databases created or modified with version 9 cannot be re-opened with older versions of the software.

Board 9 requires .NET framework 4.5, Board installer will automatically install this version of the framework.


Please note that Board 9 will not work with Operating systems that do not support .NET framework 4.5, thus it will not work on Windows server 2003.


Fixes and minor changes

·         Unauthorized access under particular conditions (enterprise licenses) have been removed

·         The Search Item cut-off is now 2K items (previously 200)

·         Algorithm Type block can now also be in the first layout block  

·         Data Entry robustness has been improved and different layout ergonomics that caused data loss have been fixed

·         Data Entry failure on BLOB Type Cubes has been fixed

·         The Pattern based Data Entry is now enabled when two or more entities are by row

·         All Log files are now saved in UTF-8 format

·         Web Client : enabled Back Button from Screen to Screen preserving Select

·         Capsule Layout log-track  has been fixed

·         It has been improved the capability to visualize data on report dimension (axis) that are missing in the info-cube structure