Board 10.3 Release Notes


What's New in Board 10.3


Other changes




As soon as you select an item a spinning icon prompts out on the top right corner of the Selector. There is a delay between the click and the application of the selection to the screen objects.



It is then possible to 'pause' the application of the selected items on the screen clicking on the icon.

Please notice that the icon switches from 'run' to 'pause'


You can then scroll the items and proceed with the selections you like; when done clicking again on the icon applies the select to the screen and refresh the data.








It is now possible, clicking on the property icon of the Selector,  to edit some properties on the fly :


> Show Active Counter : it hides (or unhide) the item counter (e.g 7/7)


> Active Elements First : the active elements are on the top of the list. Vice-versa the Entity Order-By setup is kept


> Selection Type : it is possible to Select or Exclude the 'selected items'


> Display : it is possible to change the default display option of the entity










When two Pagers are hierarchically related the active elements of the 'child' pager are not any more grouped on the top of the drop-down list but they are kept accordingly to the Order By setup of the Entity, with a white background.


It therefore possible to switch on a 'child' belonging to a different 'parent' without scrolling but simply searching it in the expected position given by the Order By setup of the Entity.









Click on the 'Fit' Icon in the Web Client Toll Bar. You can choose among these three options :

> Actual Size : the Page is displayed as it has been developed. It's likely that vertical and horizontal scrollbars are visualized if the screen page size exceeds the browser page size of your device.

> Fit to Page : the Page is readjusted based on the minimum between  the width and height of the browser page, so the entire screen page is always displayed in the browser page. Scrollbars are never visualized .

> Fit to Width : the Page width fits the web browser page width. The Page is stretched and it's likely that the vertical scrollbar is visualized




The setup is kept when the browser is closed and it is applied to all the screens (it is a web client setup not a screen setup) . It can be anyway changed during the web navigation. The Fit options give their best if you're using some tablet or mobile devices.






Fixes and Minor Changes included from


Fixes and minor changes included from

Web selector and pager objects


Web Print Feature


Web General




Fixes and minor changes included from

Web General


Other Fixes



      How to enable the session expire feature:

      The feature can be enabled through the EnableSessionExpiration parameter in the AdulaParams.xml configuration file located in the BOARD Engine installation folder.


   By default the parameter is set to false. Any change on this parameter require a BOARD Engine service restart.




      How to set-up the HTTP datareader time-out:

      It is possible to set-up the time-out value through the WebRequestTimeOut  parameter in the server_config_v2.xml configuration file located in the BOARD Engine installation folder.

      The time-out is defined in milliseconds. By default the parameter is set to 600000. Any change on this parameter require a BOARD Engine service restart.


Upgrade instructions

The Major improvement of the Board 10.3 version is the capability of Creating and Printing Custom Reports. This features relies on a Windows process (Board.Web.Snapshotter.exe) that requires the installation of the .net Framework 4.7.1 . Please notice that this version of the .NET framework requires Windows Server 2012 or later.


If you are deploying the Board Web Service  using IIS, make sure to configure your instance as described below:



The 'Snapshotter'  folder must be cut from the Bin Folder and copied in the IIS Board Website Root (like the App_Data folder).

For additional information please refer to the Boardville Community Wiki Document.



In the Application Pool of the IIS Board Website, go to advance settings, and set parameter “Load User Profile” to true.



No additional configuration are requested if you're deploying the Board Web Service suing its own http Server.


After upgrading the Board Server it is required to upgrade all Board Client and Office Add-in installations to the same version 10.3. A Capsule created or saved using version 10.3 can't be re-opened with an older version such as version 10.1.x or even older.

When you open Capsules created with prior versions of Board (version 9 or 8) a request of upgrade to Board 10 format prompts out. If you click Yes the Capsule is automatically updated in few secs and enabled to the Board Web Client. If you click 'No' you can still go on to use the Capsule but with the Board Win Client only


Snapshotter (Printing Service) Configuration

It is possible to change some settings of the Snapshotter  Process editing the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Board\Board WebApi Server\App_Data\config\snapshotter.config  (if you run IIS refer to IIS App_Data Folder location path).


<add key="host" value="http://localhost:8011/" />

It's the snapshotter process host address. Change the IP port if needed

<add key="applicationUrl" value="http://localhost/" />

As configured on your site bindings, for example:

If the web application port has been changed, you need to specify the port here in the applicationUrl definition

<add key="minPoolSize" value="1" />

It's the number of Web Client (Browsers) that can simultaneously generates reports. By default it is from 1 (min) to 5 (max)

<add key="maxPoolSize" value="5" />
<add key="workingFolderPath" value="..\reporting\" />

The temporary folder path where screenshots are saved while generating the report

<add key="logLevel" value="Error"/>

You can setup  Error, Verbose, Debug. (Error by Default)

<add key="logPath" value="..\log\Snapshotter\{Date}.log" />

The folder Path where logs generated by the reporting jobs are saved.



Compatibility Check

From Board 10.3 the consistency check-up between the Board Win Client version and the Board Server Version is performed on the minor release ID only (10.3.xxxxx). This means that :


Anyway if any of the BOARD Win Client, or the BOARD MS Office Add-In or the  BOARD's HTML5WebServer (Board Web Client) finds, during the execution of a Board Application (Capsule) any incompatibility with the BOARD Engine (Board Server) it stops the execution and asks for the Client upgrade.


User Encryption

Important Notice

The encryption method of the User Security Files and passwords, i.e. the files in the C:\BOARD\Users Folder (of the Board Server File System), has been changed. It is now adopting the SHA512 cryptographic hash function. The encryption is updated during the first run of the Board Server, occurring after the upgrade. It is not possible to utilize such Security files with older version of the Board Server. It is therefore recommended to backup such files before the Board Server upgrade, to eventually roll-back the system. Differently the Security User Files must be created from the scratch. It is anyway possible to de-activate this feature setting the parameter ForceSHA1 of  the Board Server configuration  file server_config_v2.xml, equal 'true'.  


Upgrading Board Web from version 10.1.x to 10.3

In such situation the Log Tracking  will be activated only and if only the log.config file is created in the proper folder (please refer to 10.1.4 release notes). Upgrading from 10.1.x to 10.3 doesn't create the file.  Only new installation does. You can then download the file from  here  and copy it in the folder.


Upgrading Board Web from version 10.0 to 10.3

All custom configuration settings of Board Web 10.0 which were stored in the following two files

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api Server\BoardWebApiEngine.config

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api Server\Web.config


are now in multiple files, all stored in the following subfolder

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api ServerApp_Data\config


If you have an installation of Board Web server 10.0 and you defined some custom configurations in the Web.config or BoardWebApiEngine.config files, you must re-type your configurations in the new files of version 10.1.X located in the folder mentioned above.

It is of course not necessary if you already run 10.1.0 or later.