Board 10 Release Notes

What's New in Board 10





> the following set of transactions is subject to exclusive access by a single user:

Entities, Infocubes, Relationships, Database time range, SQL FastTrack and MDX Federator.

> the DataReader transaction is subject to exclusive access by a single user but in parallel with other database transactions,

> editing Rules can be accessed in parallel by multiple users

> editing database Procedures can be performed by multiple users in parallel

> editing BEAM models can be performed by multiple users concurrently





Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 10 can connect to a Board Server of the same version and vice-versa. After upgrading the Board Server it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules created with prior versions of Board (version 9 or 8) can be opened without requiring any editing with version 10. A Capsule that created or saved using version 10 is automatically upgraded to a new format which then can't be re-opened with an older version such as version 9.0 or older.

Note that in order to view a Capsule with the new HTML5 Board Web server, it is necessary to upgrade your Capsules to the version 10 format.  


Note ! BOARD Server TCP Port 9705

Bard Server now uses the TCP/IP port number 9705, in case your server is protected behind a firewall you must ensure that the TCP port 9705 is open otherwise the users will experience slow log-in when connection with their BOard Client or Office Add-in clients.


Fixes and minor changes