The Selector Object

The Selector allows users to easily control the Screen Selection for a single Entity: its effect on other Objects on the Screen is similar to applying a Screen Selection on a specific Entity.

For example a Selector associated with the Continent Entity allows you to choose one or more continents as selection filters. The selection made immediately updates all other Objects on the Screen in order to show only data relating to the selected members.

The Selector Object provides a quick access to the Select function on one Entity, directly from a Screen: typically, it's configured to include the likely choices a user may want to make, resulting in more intuitive and interactive experience while navigating through Screens of a Capsule.

The Selector is offered with its own specific properties and can be formatted to match the graphic style of your Capsule.



The following picture shows a Selector in a Sales dashboard. In the Screen, the Selector is used in conjunction with a Pager to restrict the data displayed in the Data View and the Pie chart.



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