Web Portal Navigation

Your Board Cloud Instance can be managed and navigated through a Web Portal that provides the basic functions you need and facilitates the interaction with your System.


Click on the most Top Left Corner Icon (Light Blue Web Menù Icon) : the following sliding panel prompts out.



User Functions


Home : click here to view the available Capsules and open any of  them


Upload Files :  click here to view the available file schema and upload a file from your local data storage


Profile  : click here to visualize your Profile information


Logout : click here to Logout from the Web Portal




Administration Functions (Available to System Administrator only)


Users : click here to create new user or edit existing user properties


File Groups : click here to edit File Schema


Instance : click here to Administrate  your Board Cloud instance


Data Sources: click here to be redirected to your data sources administrator page.




Click on the "Home" Button. The Capsules Browser Panel prompts out :




Click on the Capsule you like to Open. Attention : your Security profile may have some restrictions . Some Capsule may be hidden. Contact your System Administrator for additional details.


Upload Files

Click on the "Upload Files" Button. The Web Page that visualizes the File Schema available for your Cloud instance prompts out.

The File Schema, that can be edited by the System Administration only, it basically provides the rules (File Groups and File Definitions) to upload files from your local data Storage to the Board Cloud Instance (see picture below).




The Files are logically grouped and a short description of the Group si available. In the sample above the Files have been grouped by Application (BFP Application) which short description in "Dataset for BFP Application". Each Group can of course list multiple files.


For each File that can be uploaded a short description of the File meaning and content is available. In the sample above the name "Fact Sheet - Profit and Loss (ACTUALS-Quantity) " indicates that the Upload refers to the Current Trail Balances for non monetary Accounts of the Profit and Loss Statement.


Click on the Upload Button : the Windows browser of your local or network data storage prompts out. Select the file you like to upload and click OK. When the upload is completed the a confirmation is sent :




Please consider that the user is unaware of the destination file location and naming. These information are in the definition of the File Schema and responsibility of the system Administrator. The user can then pick any file : during the upload the File is renamed accordingly to the specs of the File Schema and saved in the proper folder. It is of course still important that the file structure is respectful of the data-reader protocol specs.



Click on the "Profile" Button. The Web Page that visualizes the summary of your profile properties prompts out.

On the left you can view your Web Portal Account Attributes :



> Role : it can be Web Portal User or Instance Administrator. This latter can have access to additional functions like User Creation and File Schema editing. Please refer to the proper section for details. It can be changed by the Instance Administrator only.







> email : your qualified and validate email that is also the Username of the Web Portal. It can't be changed but only "deleted" by the Instance Administrator only.






> First and Last Name : they can be edited any Time by the User. They should identify the person associated with the Username (email address)

When done click on the "Change" Button to Save.


On the right you can change your Password. Remember Password must be at least 8 characters long including one lowercase, one uppercase, one digit and one special character.



Click here to logout from the Web Portal. When you click you're logged out and forwarded to the login page.



Attention ! The following functions are available to Instance Administrator only


Click on the "Users" Button. The Web Page that visualizes the summary of existing users per such instance prompts out. This page is also the default home page of Instance Administrators when they login.


Create User

To add a New User click on the Create User Icon. The following Form prompts out. Complete it, when done click on "Create User" Button.



email : this is the user email address and also the user's login credentials


First and Last Name: the User Identifications names


Portal Role : It is the Role the User plays in the Cloud Instance Web portal. It can be User or Instance Admin. Users with "User" Portal Role can't access the Users, File Groups and Instance Pages and Menù Items.

You can have as many users as you like with Instance Admin Role : it is not related with the Board Licenses (Developer) or Role (Board Administrator)


Security Profile : It is the Board User Profile. Attention the Board User Profile can be created or edit only through a Board Win Client Connection to your Cloud Instance. It is therefore suggested to the Cloud Instance Administrator to first create the Board User Profiles and the Cloud Instance Users.



Once a User is created , it must be Activated. The Activation requires a validation of the User email address. The Status of the New User is now "Send Activation Mail".





Clicking on this a mail will be sent to the User, asking for the credentials validation. For How to Validate User Credentials please check at the "Credentials and Login" Page.


When the User validates his credentials the Status becomes "Active"


Edit Users

The Users Web Page provides  a summary of the existing users per that Board Cloud Instance. Different facilities help Sorting and Searching Users.


Once you find the User you like you can




Change his attributes Clicking on the "Edit" Button.

Delete the User Clicking on the "Delete" Button.

File Groups

Click on the "File groups" Button. The Web Page that visualizes the existing File  Schema per such instance prompts out.


How to define the File Schema

The File Schema of the Board Cloud Instance defines the Fileset that is available in the File Uploader to Upload files from local data storage (drives) to the Cloud Instance Data Storage (Board Server drive).


The Files belonging to the File-set can be grouped in File Groups to facilitate their recognition within a Data Load Process.



To create a File Group Click on the "Add File Group" Icon.  


When done press on Create. A new File group is created. Once the File Group is created to add a File Click on the "Add File" Button.




Name : The File Name is a Short Description of the File. This description is available in the File Uploader to help the User to upload the Data in the Cloud Instance without mistakes.


Path : The File Path is the File physical Name . Be aware that is not possible to Upload File into a Board Cloud Instance Folder other than c:\board\dataset. It is then suggested to add a prefix to the File Path that identifies the Application that is using such file.


To display the Files of a File Group click on the Expand Icon. To change a File attribute click on the "Edit" Button. To Delete a File from a File Group click on the Button "Delete".


How to upload the Files

Once the File Schema has been created (File Groups and Files) the User can upload on the Board Cloud Instance (c:\board\dataset Folder) local Files.


Click on the File Upload Icon. The File Schema is displayed.




Click on the "Upload" Button of the File you like to upload, Windows explorer opens browsing on Local Folders. Pick up the right file and Click on Open. An "Uploading ..." message runs. When the Upload is completed a "Done" Icon prompts out.





The Destination Folder and Name of the File is entirely defined in the File Attribute "Path" regardless the Local position or naming of the File. During the Upload the file is renamed accordingly to the "path" and saved in the c:\board\dataset folder.

It is up to the System Administrator to provide the User with the File Specs accordingly to Data Reader protocol.

> The renaming includes the file extension

> If already there an existing file with the same name (Path) is overwritten

> It is not possible to upload the file in a folder other than c:\board\dataset



Tech Note

You can include the File Upload function in a Board Web Capsule using the following Syntax in the URL property of a Board Button.


https://cloud.board.com/#/dashboard/upload-files : It opens the File Uploader Web Page


https://cloud.board.com/#/upload-files?path=file_path : it uploads the file you pick up in the c:\board\dataset folder renaming it "file_path"




Clicking on the Instance Icon you can customize some properties of your Board Cloud Instance



Default Capsule : It is possible to Open a Default Capsule as the User logins


Default Screen: It is possible to Open a Default Screen of the Default Capsule as the User logins


In the sample on the right when the user logins the "Screen 1" of the Capsule BFP_Admin opens. Please notice that the capsule is in the folder c:\board\capsules\BFP_Application


Vertical/Horizontal  : it is possible to hide or disable the scrollbars


Show Menu : If Off the Capsule doesn't show the Quick Bar Menù.




When done click on "Save Changes" Button.

On the left of the Instance Page you can visualize the instances's addresses . Such addresses can't be used to connect to the Web or Client Application. The login must be always be performed connecting to the Cloud Instance Portal.