Dynamic Select

Dynamic Select is next to the focus in the screen selection.

Non-Time Entities

Click on the icon  image14.gif, the following screen will be prompted:



Ticking the checkbox on the left, the drop down list will be filled with all the cubes containing the selection entity in the structure. Selecting a cube and clicking "OK" the selection will be based on all the members that have non-0 value on that cube.

When there is a dynamic selection set on an entity, a green icon  image15.gif is shown.


Time Entities

For time entities we have more selection options.

Click on the icon image16.gif next to the focus, the following window will be prompted:




Flag "Enable Dynamic Selection" to activate the window.


Current date: Selects the period based on the system date, options in the bottom are available for this selection.

Based on Cube: Select the driver cube, you will have two options:

- Period: Selects only the period returned in Current Date/Latest Period;

- Year to Date: selects all the periods of the year before the returned period;

- Previous Period: shifts of a period Backward;

- Offset: Shifts of n periods forward "n" or backward "-n".


How selection are nested and applied to the screen

When a user accesses a screen:

  1. the security selection is applied,

  2. then the dynamic selection on time entities is evaluated

  3. then the static screen selections are applied (i.e. entity selections saved on the screen)

  4. then the dynamic selection defined on non-time entities are applied,

  5. and last the Layouts selections.


The execution of the Layouts of the screen follows all nesting of above selections.