Board version 7.3.4 Release Notes

Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 7.3.4 can connect to a server running Board Server 7.3.4 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules and databases created or modified with version 7.3.4 cannot be re-opened with version 7.3.3 (or prior).

Refer to the following pages for the list of new features and changes of version 7.3.3.

New Features and Changes

      • Chart object. The chart object now supports the Filters options, it is therefore possible to use sorting and Keep top N items in the Layout of a chart object.


      • FIPS compliance: Board version 7.3.4 (and later) is now compliant to FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) publication 140-2 which is a U.S. government computer security standard that defines specifications for the use of encryption and hashing algorithms and how encryption keys are to be generated and safely stored. It is now possible to enable the FIPS security Policy of the Windows server where the Board server is running and the Board databases are stored.


      • Reporting / Office Reports / Refresh file action: the procedure action "Refresh file" has a new option named "Apply Data Selection". When enabled, the Selection which is active during the procedure execution is applied to the office files being refreshed (overwriting the select saved in the file). If this option is disabled, then the office files are refreshed but the select saved in the files remains unaltered.



      • The @Entity_name function is now also returning the entity members selected in a Pager object.


Miscellaneous Fixes or minor changes

- An error of the 64-bit engine version randomly provoking the termination of the Board Server service has been resolved. This error was affecting only the 64bit edition of Board Engine and was more frequently occurring after a DataReader or an InfoCube Align operation.

- Export to Excel:  an error occurring when exporting to Excel a Dataview with a date range has been resolved.

- Export to Excel:  an error occurring when exporting to Excel a Dataview one block only and the Day entity set by column has been resolved.

- Excel Data-entry: a malfunction occasionally occurring when entering data on a total or subtotal to the right of a blank column has been fixed.

- Excel Add-in: the background color of cells populated from a Layout using the Alert function is now correctly reset when the Layout is refreshed.

- Excel : an error occasionally occurring on refreshing a Layout in an Excel file and giving the error message "..not enough free space" has been fixed.

- Excel Add-in: an error caused by the utilisation of the Exclude option of the Select function has been resolved.

- Excel Add-in: an error of the drill-down function occurring when drilling on a subtotal of a report having three or more entities by row has been resolved.

- An error occasionally occurring when clicking the Connect icon from a MS-PowerPoint or MS-Word document has been resolved.

- Excel add-in: an issue caused by the Board Add-in for Excel and affecting large workbooks with tens of worksheets and several thousands of cells populated and provoking a general slowness of the Excel interface (noticeable to the user as a severely reduced responsiveness of the cursor) has been resolved.

- ATO on a Folder object: now only the Dataview present on the Folder object is correctly tuned by the Pagers on the Folder tab.

- The Label object now supports automatic text wrapping.

- It is now possible to disable Down totals in a drill-down window and save the configuration.

- Bubble chart object. An error of the Bubble Chart object when accessed through the web client has been resolved.

- Book object. An error of the Book object occasionally occurring when opening capsules created with version 7.2.1 has been resolved.

- Procedures. An error causing the duplication of the name of a procedure potentially occurring after changing the database name has been resolved.

- DataView object. An error of the sort function (click on the column total) occurring on reports having one or more grouping levels has been resolved.

- Broadcasting function. An error of the Broadcasting function causing a duplicate selection on a entity has been resolved.

- Dynawrite object. An error of the Dynawrite object occurring in the Web client causing an incorrect resizing of the Dynawrite and its contents has been resolved.

- Selector object. A malfunction occurring in the Web client and causing an error message when resetting a selection of a selector object has been resolved.

- Selector object. In the Web client now supports multiple selections.

- Broadcasting to Word and PowerPoint. An error of the selection in a Word or PowerPoint document resulting after a Broadcasting action has been resolved.

- Web Print. An error of the print function occurring when attempting to print an object with a background image has been resolved.

- Web Print. An error of the print function occurring after printing for the second time a panel object having the option "Print as a single object" enabled and causing an erroneous positioning of objects has been resolved.

- Charts. When opened from the web client the grey stripes in the background have been removed.