Board 10 Web Server Overview

This chapter introduces the characteristics and features of Board Web Server.

About Board Web Server

Board Web Server allows to work with Capsules using an Internet browser, version 10 uses HTML5 therefore doesn't require to install any plug-in. Users can open and navigate the Capsules screens, reusing the analysis and applications created with the Board Client. Board Web Server supports the typical features of multidimensional analyses such as drill-down, slice-and-dice but also supports multi-user data-entry and execution of Board procedures which are fundamental features for supporting planning and forecasting applications.


BOARD HTML5 client Brings business into the Cognitive Space.

Cognitive technologies, storytelling, in-context collaboration, and a cutting edge user-interface augment business users’ capabilities to unleash new intelligence from data and instantly translate insights into action.

BOARD HTML5 drastically improves the way people interact with data, making it natural, super-easy and, to some extent, similar to an interaction amongst human beings.  

The new Search Analytics capability allows Business users with zero technical knowledge to just type in their questions and get back immediate business answers in the form of a report.

The new Natural Language Recognition (NLR) capabilities make it possible to verbally pose questions to BOARD without any typing, and get back a report that is automatically integrated with vocal and written narratives, thanks to the Advanced Natural Language Generation (Advanced NLG) function.

BOARD HTML5 is also a great step ahead in closing the gap between corporate data governance and individual analysis needs. A powerful presentation environment enables business users to easily create a customized version of enterprise reports and to save it as a presentation, telling a story with the data.

The brand new in-context collaboration functionalities make it possible to immediately share the new insights with a single peer or workgroup, to work together on the same reports through collaborative authoring, and to instantly communicate amongst users by mean of the new BOARD online chat.

The final result is a huge step forward in the way in which business users can leverage enterprise data to make smarter, faster and shared decisions.


Web Client New Features


Starting from version 10.1.0, Board web client includes new exclusive features, other than the normal capsule navigation: