Board Office Add-ins overview


The Board Add-ins developed for Microsoft Office allow to embed Board objects such as reports, charts, gauges in a Microsoft Office Document, directly from the MS-Excel, MS-Word or MS-PowerPoint. With the Board Add-ins you can create Office documents which are linked to data from a Board database, and refresh the data in your presentation or report with a few clicks.

The Board Add-ins allow to create Layout (a table or a chart) then navigate the report using drill-down and select, or even enter data in a Board cube (data-entry).

Available Add-ins

The Board Office Add-ins require an appropriate Board license which enables all of the following options

Board Office Add-ins installation

For details on Board Office Add-ins installation procedure and prerequisites, refer to Board Office Add-Ins installation.

Before you begin

In order to use the Board Add-in for MS-Office it is necessary to have an appropriate Board license and grant to the Board user profile the rights to use the MS-Office add-ins. Refer to Licenses Overview and How to create a user profile for details.



In some cases, the auto-sync option with Microsoft OneDrive for Office files on your machine may cause problems with Board layouts in Excel worksheets. When the file is opened, the application tries to sync it in OneDrive before connecting to the Board add-in. At this time, there is only text in the cells. To avoid this problem, you must turn off the sync at file opening option, as described here.


After installation, to start using one of the Board Add-ins for Office it is necessary to configure a connection to a Board server. Refer to the section Hosts Menu of the topic Board Client Options for details on how to configure the connection or ask your Board administrator for the connections parameters.

Enabling and disabling an Office add-in component

Note that sometimes when opening MS-Excel, Word or PowerPoint, after having executed the Board Office Add-in installation program, the Board Add-in tab may not automatically appear. it may be necessary to enable the Board add-in in your Office program. Refer to the Microsoft documentation .

Enabling or re-enabling the Board Add-ins may also be necessary if your Office program crashes as Office automatically disables add-ins after a crash of the program.