Reverse algorithm

The reverse algorithm allows to key in a number on a calculated data block and save a value, derived through a reverse formula to a specified InfoCube.


Consider the following data-entry report:

The data block (a) contains the Budget Quantity InfoCube and data entry has been enabled on this block. The user can enter a budget value on this block.

The second column, Last Year Actual Sales contains the sales value of last year, it is a reference value that helps the user defining the budget.

The third column, block (c), is the variance in percentage obtained with a column algorithm with the formula c=(a-b)/b*100. Data entry is enabled on this data block, allowing the user to key-in a percentage of variance and letting the system to derive the Budget Quantity corresponding to the given variance. The Budget quantity value is derived by applying the reverse formula a=b*(c+100)/100, this is the Reverse Algorithm.


In the reverse algorithm field, type the formula starting with the data block that is the variable to change when the user keys-in a value, followed by the equal sign and the formula itself as in the following example.



The target data block of the reverse algorithm must be an InfoCube and must have the data entry option enabled.