Pager in ATO

The Pager object in an ATO allows to create entity members or change the description of an existing entity member, or act as a pager for other objects such as the DataView, placed on the ATO.

Example of an Pager within an ATO




Filter icon. Allows to make a selection on a parent entity in order to reduce the list of members displayed in the pager.


Reset icon. Resets (clears) the currently selected member.


Insert icon. Allows to create a new entity member. Click the insert icon, a pop-up windows prompts the code and description for the new item and shows all parent entities for which the user is required to define a relationship.




Edit description icon. Allows to modify the description of an existing entity member: select the desired entity member then click the icon to modify the current description.

Note: it is not possible to modify the code of an existing entity member.





Auto-filtering. To search an existing entity member

  • type the initial characters of the code in the code field: the list of items is automatically filtered on the items starting with the given characters.

  • type a search string in description: the list of items is automatically filtered on the items containing the given string in the description.