Defining a Rule

Click the Rules icon located in the database ribbon bar.


The following is an example


Rules can be organized into logical groups to improve reading and searching through the list existing rules.


To create a new rule, click the actions icon then select the New Rule option as shown.  


then type the name of the rule and select the entity to define the formulas on,


after selecting the entity, the left column will display the entity members list.

Type the formula in the right column next to the desired member, as shown in the illustration. 





The Rule definition window allows managing a maximum of 65000 rows.

When saving the rule an alert will appear in case any error is found inside the rules

It's  possible to export rules into a text file , edit it and import them back.

 Rules for Power Users: Power Users can now create , edit, export and import Rules from the Database Designer Ribbon Bar. This capability is available only for those Rules that have been created by a "Power" User. Rules that have been created by a "Developer" User can be visualized but not saved neither exported. Attention ! This action even if performed by a Power User locks the Database in design mode.