Roll-up entity

A roll-up entity is an entity where its members have a hierarchical coding structure, refer to Roll-up entities for details. When an entity is defined as being "Roll-up", then whenever used in a report Board will automatically create totals and subtotals on rows which are "parent" of other more detailed rows (where the code of an occurrence is found to be the left sub-string of other members). This feature facilitates the management of unbalanced top-down hierarchies such as the chart of accounts. Note that the totals are calculated on the fly and not stored in the InfoCube.

Consider for example an entity having the code structure which is clearly hierarchical,  




the automatic rule sums all the member having a code with a common root (the same left most characters) into the item which code is the root. For example the entity member "4A01 40" is the sum of members which start with "4A01 40" therefore of "4A01 40 01 01", "4A01 40 01 02", "4A01 40 01 03", "4A01 40 01 04" and "4A01 40 02".

The data should therefore be loaded on the detail members only, as in the following example,




the automatic rule calculates the members which are highlighted by summing all other members which have a common root