Inserting, editing and deleting entity members

The View button allows adding, editing and deleting entity members. Click the Members button on the desired entity row as shown,


The list of current members is displayed.




Note that there are two ways of loading members into an entity



When an entity member is created, Board creates an internal unique identifier (UID), which is used to reference it. All selections (stored into Capsules, procedures, and security) use the entity member’s UID therefore changing the code or the description does not affect existing Capsules (and its reports and procedures) and security profiles.



Deleting an occurrence does not reduce the saturation level of an entity. The saturation of an entity is determined by the number of occurrences created. For example, inserting and deleting 10 items for 5 times causes the creation of 50 items; if the entity’s max item number is of 100 then the saturation is 50%. The saturation is reset only when the entity is cleared using the Entity / Clear function.